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HealthScreen - Health Examination & Risk Assessment

sehatINDIA UnderRite™ is a reliable risk assessment & rating service for Health insurance industry. UnderRite™ reviews the medical status and specified medical conditions and provides individual underwriting decisions.

sehatINDIA’s UnderRite™ Risk Assessment Services fulfills the need of the Insurance companies by recognizing medical conditions, understanding their underwriting relevance, and applying a consistent approach in line with client requirements.

The key to successful implementation of the risk assessment process is to understand policy benefits and client requirements in detail – exclusions, acceptability criteria, data collection. sehatINDIA UnderRite™ has dealt with more than 1500 different medical conditions and several thousand synonyms for these conditions and has developed protocols for the client assessment

The sehatINDIA UnderRite™ process assesses medical risk and allows an insurer to

  • Accept good risk
  • Apply financial limits to cover
  • Exclude certain benefits or groups of benefits from cover
  • Consider additional premium options

without imposing any "standardized" approach – the insurer sets the parameters within which he wants to operate.

sehatINDIA UnderRite™ Advantages at a glance

  • Assists underwriters in health risk assessments
  • Ensures consistency in underwriting approaches, procedures and decisions.
  • Draws on extensive know-how in health insurance underwriting and supports the training of primary insurance underwriters.
  • Speeds up the underwriting process
  • Provides Flexibility to accommodate cases
  • Facilitates Quick and easy decision-making
  • Increases efficiency in underwriting
  • Managing applicant data
  • Checks plausibility
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