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sehatINDIA - Towards a healthy India
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sehatINDIA - Towards a healthy India

HealthScreen™ is extremely helpful for Insurance Advisors. It helps you achieve your targets by providing convenient and quick healthcare packages to your prospective clients.

Here’s how!!

Often, the medical examination becomes the only thing that delays closing of a client sale. Clients can further delay the examination due to their busy schedules and / or confusion & cumbersome nature of APS, diagnostics tests. World-wide research has shown that diagnostic / evaluation test are the single biggest reason for delays & drop- outs in the process of policy closure.

This is exactly where sehatINDIA's convenience & efficiency comes into picture. By taking the “pain points” out of the evaluation / diagnostic services by providing the services at your customer's door-step & convenient time, we ensure that your client does not delay or drop out of the policy application process. We assist in making sure your client’s medicals are completed as soon as possible. Our examinations are for both individual life, as well as group insurance clients. We take care of everything!

HealthScreen™ offers a 1-stop solution, including health-check-ups, diagnostics tests, ECG’s, X-Rays, etc for your clients, at a time and place of their convenience. Our mobile team travels to the clients’ preferred location - home or office, to carry out the complete examination. Our services are provided every day of the year – even Sundays and Holidays!

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