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sehatINDIA - Towards a healthy India
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sehatINDIA - Towards a healthy India

sehatINDIA's HealthScreen ® for the Insurance industry is a specially designed Pre-Insurance Health Check-up solution that allows Insurance companies to diagnose & identify health risks amongst the policy applicants thereby providing a very good understanding of the clients risk profile. HealthScreen is used by leading Indian Public & Private Insurance Companies.

The HealthScreen™ Pre-Insurance Health Check-up consists of combinations of any of the following sub-services

  • Scheduling an appointment with Client
  • Medical Examination
  • Custom-designed pathological & other diagnostic tests
  • Sample Collection (Blood & urine collection)
  • ECG / X-Ray / PFT / others
  • Questionnaires
  • APS – Attending Physician Statement
  • Identity check & anti-fraud check
  • Digital Document Management (online access to medical reports)
  • Medical opinion experienced medico-legal doctors

Benefits of HealthScreen™ to the Insurance Companies

Our Pre-Insurance Health Check-up package is extremely helpful for Insurance companies. World-wide research has shown that diagnostic / evaluation test are the single biggest reason for delays & drop- outs in the process of policy closure. This is exactly where sehatINDIA's convenience & efficiency comes into picture. By taking the “pain points” out of the evaluation / diagnostic services by providing the same at your customer's door-step & convenient time, we ensure that your client does not delay or drop out of the policy application process. Most of the insurance companies who have started using our services have experienced one or more of the following benefits

  • Reduced drop-outs & deferment
  • Better productivity
  • Convenience - an edge over competitors
  • Zero embarrassment over sanitary issues commonly faced in multiple sub-standard diagnostic centers
  • Standardized high-quality lab tests & diagnosis
  • Economies of scale & similar costs
  • Weekend & After-hours service
  • Digital records + Online access
  • Higher Revenues
  • Satisfied Customers
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