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HealthScreen ® for Employers & HR Consultants

sehatINDIA's HealthScreen® for Employers & HR Consultants is a specially designed
Pre-Employment Medical Assessment Package that allows potential Employers to diagnose
& identify health issues amongst the candidates which helps employers gain understanding
of the risk profile of the employee they are hiring. By completely evaluating a potential employee's medical and physical condition prior to starting employment, you as an employer may be able
to reduce your injury/illness rate by as much as 25 percent. By combining a pre- employment medical with a pre-placement examination, you have much better information on which to base your hiring decisions. In addition to these services, our program offers audio testing, drug/alcohol screening and pulmonary function tests.

Pre-employment medical checks should be seen as a way of:

  • Screening candidates in - not screening them out. Identifying any risks to prospective employees, colleagues or clients
  • Identifying any support needed by the prospective employee to do the job effectively
  • Identifying any potential attendance problems
  • Providing a base line of health for future reference

sehatINDIA has been providing the Evaluation packages to many companies in
multiple sectors such as

  • Software - Pre-employment & Annual Health-checks
  • BPO’s – Pre-employment & periodic health-checks
  • Manufacturing / Heavy Engineering - On-site workforce health evaluation
  • FMCG Companies – Field-force Annual Health-check
  • Hotels / Restaurants - Food-handlers health evaluation + Microbiological surveillance of facilities

The level of check can take various forms, from verifying the number of days' absence with the previous employer to requiring the employee to undergo a thorough medical examination. The type of check which is undertaken should depend upon the requirements of the job. The typical HealthScreen™ Pre-Employment Medical Assessment Package under includes the following

  • Understanding of job profile towards estimation of any special health requirements
  • A evaluation package of diagnostic & other health tests custom-designed keeping the special health requirements in mind at a much reduced cost as compared to any local diagnostic center
  • Identity check & anti-fraud check
  • Medical opinion from our experienced team of medico-legal doctors assessing the risk of diseases in view of the special health requirements
  • E-copy of the medical report & online web-based access to the records
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